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The Most Child Friendly City in the World


Dubai is one of the most amazing destinations on the planet right now for children. With so much to offer, this little oasis is a piece of heaven for parents to raise their kids in. Besides being so fun, Dubai is also a super safe city to bring up children, and is as child friendly as it gets!   It all started with Dubai finding oil way back in the 1960s, and then as they say, the rest is history! The rapid development, the sudden population increase with people settling in from all over, the tons of different nationalities from across the globe, led to Dubai quickly becoming super modern, and super competitive with first world countries. That in turn, led to Dubai focusing on providing the best of the best amenities to their people, and boy, did they deliver!  From world-class schools and daycares, to parks of all kinds; from offering after school activities, to centers for music and arts, and sports clubs, Dubai has something for everyone. With so much effort put in by the city, of course it paid back big time. And so, Dubai came in the eyes of the world. And as the world watched, Dubai set out to make itself one of the most child friendly destinations in the world.   The Child Friendly City Initiative (CFCI) was launched by UNICEF in 1996, and soon after UAE was nominated to participate in it. Following the criteria set by the CFCI, Dubai rapidly put in motion the changes and developments that would allow them to fulfill the criterion. Now Dubai offers adequate family-oriented housing, easy access to schools and childcare, access to amenities such as parks, recreation centers, sporting facilities and swimming pools amongst others. This has in turn created an environment for children to be safe in the public domain, which in turn alleviates the stress of working parents, allowing them to focus on their occupations fully.  Mothers all over worry about their kids growing up in a safe and secure environment, Dubai has managed to provide this sense of security to a very high degree. With most corporate working moms, this sense of security comes in the form of having their little ones usually under the same roof, with daycares provided in corporate workspaces and buildings. What mommy wouldn’t love to take little breaks in the daily grind of their office routine and sneak in a quick cuddle with their snuggle-bug!   Besides having these awesome amenities provided by the Dubai government, moms can all take a collective sigh of relief at the amount of fun entertainment that they can provide their children, while having a nice cuppa with their mommy friends. There are tons of fun spaces for mommy and baby activities, as well as, places where moms can take their little ones out for a day of fun, sit back and have some much needed me-time while the kids enjoy themselves completely supervised by fully trained staff. Dubai has gone full throttle in developing tourist attractions that are not only fun for adults, but for the whole family, along with rapidly making improvements in their infrastructure to meet the criteria of the CFCI.  Now Dubai is known world over as one of the most fun-packed tourist destinations in the world, as well as a superb city for families to settle with their kids.