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Struggles of Expats – Finding Suitable Primary Schools


Moving to a new country is an exciting yet an equally terrifying life-event for families, There is so much to plan and execute, it takes months to first pack up, then relocate, then begin to finally settle down, It’s a thrilling time for a family to bond together, and explore their new settings, But there are practicalities that need to be worked out, and one very important decision that parents have to make is finding the perfect school for their children, Younger children are more resilient and tend to adapt to a new environment at a faster pace compared to teenagers and adults, Even if a family is moving to a new country due to an exciting work opportunity, the transitional period becomes quite stressful, Leaving behind a life full of family, friends, and comfort zone is very difficult, Children who are not used to moving around regularly, find the aspect of moving to an entirely new place a little overwhelming, This is when parents have to be especially mindful of how their children are adjusting to their new surroundings, The daunting task of catering to the emotional and practical needs of children have to be considered for them to adjust and settle in their new life smoothly, Children younger than 7 years of age adapt fairly quickly to a relocation compared to older kids, They make friends easily, and are able to learn a new language faster, Older children have a harder time adjusting as they miss their friends and school, They also have a tough time adjusting to a new place as they don’t feel like they belong there, Learning to manage long-distance friendships, understanding a new language, adjusting to a new climate, and a high-turnover of friends and teachers, is all too overwhelming for them, Finding the right school for children in a new country is a mammoth task for parents, There are so many things to be taken into consideration, Even before the final move, parents should try to visit the school that they are considering, or keep an open correspondence with the school authorities via phone or email, Deciding which curriculum is best for your children is dependent on how long the duration of your relocation will be, If, for instance, a family will be eventually moving again after a few years, then it is best for the children to be enrolled in an international school so that transferring to another international school later on can transpire smoothly and without any hassle for the children, The language barrier is another very important aspect to consider, If your child does not know the local language, or if their English is not fluent, its best to start language classes at least six months prior to the move, This will also help in choosing which school you want to enroll your child in, If local schools are what you are looking for, then you need to at least have a good grasp of the local language in order to assimilate easily, Housing arrangements and proximity to the school are important factors when deciding on a new school for your children, If the commute is too long and tiresome, then it is best to find a suitable accommodation nearer to the school, If the housing is already decided upon before finding schools, then its best to find schools which are closer to your home to avoid tiring your children out during the rush hour commute, It is ideal to move your family during the school summer break, as this allows children time to adjust to their new place, and start a new session along with their fellow classmates, avoiding any lags, Identifying your Childs’ needs is of paramount importance, Are they more comfortable in a smaller class-size? Are they more accustomed to a disciplined teaching style, or a more student-oriented environment? What types of extra-curricular activities does the school provide? If your children are old enough to voice out their concerns and wants, then its best to keep them in the loop of which schools you are considering, Let them help you decide which school would be best for them, In essence, finding an educational institution which is a good fit for the development of children is at par at finding a company where an adult’s career will prosper, As momentous as it sounds, it is not an impossible task, There is help available right here at MINDERS, The best guide for you to carry out your search for the best possible schools and nurseries in Dubai, is by going through our search options in MINDERS, Here you will have ample options available with recommendations and reviews where parents share their personal experiences to help the incoming lot of expat families, You can use our filters to narrow down your search options based on location, fees, curriculum, and more, All you have to do is look!