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About Minders

MINDERSis the most reliable guide for all loving parents and students in Dubai. Ourmotto is tocreate “Your Child’s Own Journey!and with that in mind, we would like to introduce you to our organization.

Our aim as a community based social network is to enhance knowledge of parental guardians and students on institutions, schools, accredited private educational centres, and individual specialists in Dubai. We provide you with the right tools to get access to the best possible education and support.Our platform guides you through various categories based on user ratings, geo locations, demographics, and other options, making MINDERS a one stop solution for all parenting queries. We find the choicest fit for your child with ideal educational or vocational coaching that are available to you within your proximity.  Our state-of-the-art algorithm provides active ratings for each institution based on a consumer based ranking system. 

MINDERSis a one window solution thatbrings togetherall institutionsand individualsintosixcategories:

·      Schools

·      Nurseries

·      Private Learning

·      Sports

·      Music & Art

·      Therapy

We at MINDERS, provide you with the right educational programs for your children to enroll in, the best activities for them to join, and with honest, first-hand references when in need of help. If for instance, you are looking for the ideal nursery for your little one, our platform provides you with all the information you need for every nursery in the city, as well as a user-based rating system for each of them, allowing you to determine yourself the credibility, not just from a statistical overview, but also from personal experiences of our community members.

MINDERSis an open and interactive platform for all institutes and individuals that are dedicated to deliver the best education, skills, and support for our children. By sharing their work and accomplishments, we connect them on our network seamlessly with parents and students, thus creating a virtual space accessible anytime and anywhere.

At MINDERS, you will find the best credible source of news and updates on all educational institutions and academies in Dubai. We strive to make your experience a quick and easy one-stop, where you can book classes and appointments without any hassle. Add to that, we also have awesome relatable and informative reads for parents to browse through on a variety of topics related to our core segments.

We hope you have a wonderful experience with MINDERS, and hope to see more of you always!



We at MINDERS are committed to providing a reliable, efficient, comprehensive guide and tool for all queries related to educational institutions and academics. We strive to give parents and students an unbiased insight into Dubai's education scene through our highly advanced user rating and reviews system.


Our vision is to create a strong community based social network, that shares critical information with families for a better future for their children.